DTSH Services is an organization committed to helping children, young adults and families that are facing developmental disabilities. We firmly believe with the correct guidance and support most people with developmental disabilities can still participate fully in society and go on to become valuable members of a community. Not only do we offer special programs and other support systems to those in need but we also offer Safety Programs for meeting the safety needs of children and youth and young adults.

DTSH Developmental Services Inc`s mission is to help people reach their developmental potential by teaching parents, caregivers and families how to advocate, support, and understand their loved one’s abilities in a holistic, safe, and welcoming environment.

What we do differently?

Two things which make our program different from others is the fact that we do not expect our students to fit the program, we make sure our program meets the student’s needs, allowing all children to gain skills at their own pace and at their own level of development.

Secondly, we believe that parents are key to helping us provide a program which respects the child holistically, we ask parents for suggestions on how to better meet the needs of their children.

We also provide parents with a communication phone call once a month, this allows us to have open communication with families and parents are free to connect with us if they have any concerns or questions.

Our methodology

DTSH Developmental Services Inc. focuses on the developmental needs of your child and academics are incorporated over time.

We understand that not all children learn the same way, so we are able to look beyond the norm to find other ways of tapping into the knowledge that is hidden inside a child and bring it to the surface so children are able to see their own achievements, encouraging them to continue to try and build their self-confidence creating more success over time.