Community Living North Halton envisions a society that honours and protects the innate value and equality of each one of its people without discrimination.

We believe that all persons should have the right to experience the security of unquestioned inclusion in their community neighbourhoods.

We believe that all persons should have an equal opportunity to maximize their quality of life; to choose their unique life course with respect and dignity; to accept the responsibility and consequences of these choices, and to expect support within the resources of the community.

Our Mission

Community Living North Halton, in partnership with families and the community, supports the choices and personal growth of individuals with a developmental disability.

We Value

  • Personal Choice – We believe the personal choices and goals of an individual provide direction for supports and services provided by the organization.
  • Fairness and Respect -We embrace the diversity of people and treat each individual and family with respect, dignity and equity.
  • Inclusion – We believe that all citizens have a right to fully participate in their community.
  • Partnership – We value and promote partnerships with families and the community.
  • Wellness and Learning – We strive to create an environment that promotes wellness and learning opportunities for both employees and for the individuals we support.
  • Innovation and Excellence – We embrace new ideas and approaches and are committed to providing services and supports that enhance the quality of life of individuals and families.
  • Integrity and Accountability – We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards and demonstrating our accountability.

Opening Hours


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