We Listen,  We Learn, We Do Our Best Together

Canadian Travelling Tutors is proud to pioneer a post-secondary communication program for Neuro-Diverse adults called “Prep to Step-Up”. Its ongoing success ensures a solid future in Milton, Georgetown, and surrounding areas. Academia, Communication, Musical Theatre, Art, Independence, iPad and Organizational Skills all contribute to the great potential within our Clients, enhancing self-confidence and improving communication. Weekly Drum Circles are practiced to build speech and social interaction. Twice a month Families and Support Staff are invited to participate in seminars which replicate the tools practiced in the classroom. This bridge between classroom and home provides an informed consistent practice and continuity to support everyone involved.

With a collective experience of over 100 years of teaching between us, we are a true team of dedicated professionals of both youth and wisdom. We all feel, from our past experience, that we have a responsible obligation to identify the true potential within any student of any age. Our goal is to discover the students’ best way of learning; guiding them to feel self-empowered with those tools to continue independently.

We offer a program called Planes, Trains, and Travel which is a unique travel program designed for families with neuro-diverse adult children. This innovative program allows families to travel together but have separate experiences.

Everything is planned for you so all you have to do is board the plane. We plan transportation to and from the airport; flights and accommodation; tours and entrance tickets; fun and exciting surprises along the way!


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