INSPIRE ACCESSABILITY SHOWCASE FORMERLY KNOW AS HALTON COMMUNITY RESOURCE FAIR 2020 is the year that we want to inspire you to do more.  More connecting, more opportunities and more dialogue.  As Capt. Thurston McClain says” WE WANT TO GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY AND THE BEST WAY TO DO THAT IS THROUGH YOU” This is your time, to think about what have you done this past year and what could you do this coming year to inspire someone.  It could be giving someone a chance to be part of your business, providing social engagements or simply offering your time to mentor someone. We all have connections within our “Business Community” or our “Personal Community” but how often do we take the time to share our wealth? Most of us would say we are “tapped out” when it comes to doing more. But let me ask you, are we the ones “tapping Out” before we have considered, who we can Inspire. We want you to be a part of our ”Community”.  Showcase your business in our Online Showcase Directory, and participate in showing your services or products on April 18th at the MM Robinson Secondary School, Burlington.
What vendors can expect this year?

  • • Showcase Online Directory that will provide you with the ability to tell people more about what you do, post in our events calendar and job placement.
  • • An online presence with your own business page, SEO optimized that we expect to bring recognizable online traffic to your business page.
  • • Social Media Coverage on our social media sites and our partners.
  • • Your business can be shared via social media, and you could have a featured article that will be delivered to 5000 families.
  • • You can grab the opportunity to have a Home Page Banner showcasing your services/products.
  • • Special Guest Speakers for vendors.
  • 10% off Branding and Marketing Services – Discount offered by our marketing member Creative At Work Advertising.
  • • And an hour to mingle with other vendors before we open to the public.
  • • The Online Showcase Directory will be updated throughout the year with current, relevant information and resources for families that will bring additional online traffic to your business.

At our Showcase on the 4th exhibit what makes your services unique. We challenge and encourage you to go that extra step by providing an opportunity for someone in our Community.