Social XChange – Values with Every Purchase

Social XChange is a platform that brings products made by people who are moving on up into the hands of those who value hand-crafted products made by people fulfilling their goals.

There is socially responsible (do no… or minimal… harm), and then there is socially valuable*.

Through Creative@Work, we have helped many non-profits maximize their communications strategies. While so doing, we kept encountering job-readiness social enterprise** departments of these non-profits where the fruits of training programs were yielding superiorly made items, but the selling of these items did not go beyond word of mouth.

Two things came to this realization:

1. We now had access to purchase these items for ourselves!

2. Many conversations were sparked about the barriers to bringing these products to market.

• The major barriers were funding-based: just enough funds to run the programs; not enough to pay for bringing the products to market.

• The minor barriers, though, were perception-based… or due to compartmentalized thinking. If non-profits are seen as business-savvy, then they may not be seen as requiring traditional funding. It’s the same double-edged sword that individuals accessing services may face. The truth is, the more independently-gained funds a non-profit or person accesses the more people are adding value and the more dynamic and healthy our communities become.

The potential wins to removing these barriers go on and on. Some of these wins include:

• Wider access to quality controlled goods produced by valuable members of our community who are trained by industry professionals.

• Tangible public education about the value side of community needs: with the correct knowledge, resources, and opportunity, the vast majority of people would prefer to be contributing members of society and have the independence and pride that comes with working for a living wage.

• There are many community members who would love to shop in a socially valuable way but have no practical way of coordinating all of the geographically scattered social enterprises that are producing socially valuable goods.

Social XChange eliminates the barriers and brings socially valuable products to one marketplace.

We add an additional layer of social value at the checkout. Five percent of the cost of your purchase (we pay that — not you!) goes to an organization of your choice. Have an organization you’d like to recommend for this organization-recipient list? Please let us know here.

*Socially Valuable: a purchase that positively impacts the lives of those who created the products.
**Social Enterprise: a business (for- or non-profit) with a social mission.”